Canon Norge AS Enters Scrive Partnership

Canon Norge AS has entered into a partnership with Scrive, the leading electronic signature provider in the Nordics, as a reseller of Scrive’s eSign solution in the Norwegian market.

Canon Norge will target its existing customer base and market Scrive eSign under the name Canon eSign. 

The next step in the partnership is the integration of Scrive eSign into Therefore, Canon’s information management software.

“This partnership with Canon Norway is very exciting”, says Scrive CEO  Viktor Wrede. “The Norwegian e-signature market has matured and is now on the same level as Sweden was a year ago. Canon Norway’s launch of e-signatures will accelerate that development further and increase our market share”.

“Being able to offer our customers a safe and effective e-signing solution is something we’ve looked at for a long time”, says Anthon Grimsmo, director of Canon’s business unit for Business & Information Services in Norway. “Now it’s a reality with Scrive”.

Siril Jacobsen, Business Developer at Anthon Grimsmo Business Unit, explains further: “In our work, it is not helpful to digitalise processes if the customer still has to stop, print, sign and scan before he or she can move on to the workflow. There is an unnecessary use of resources, no matter how you look at it. Our goal is to help our customers work as cleverly and efficiently as possible. The Canon eSign platform supports this”.

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