Clio partnership with Scrive enables paperless legal processes

Legal tech leader Clio offers electronic signing with integration to the Scrive eSign service.

Clio, the most widely-used legal software, makes it easy for its users to sign documents electronically with Scrive. Law firms and legal departments can initiate e-signing workflows directly from the Clio platform while taking advantage of all the Scrive e-signing and digital identity features. 

“This integration gives legal professionals one-click access to Scrive’s services from the workspace where so many of them are already working”, says Jill Persson, Scrive Partner Account Manager. “Scrive’s uncompromising standards regarding security, compliance and privacy are critical for the signing of sensitive documents that might easily be reviewed by a court.”

Paperless, online document signing takes on even greater importance at a time when so many lawyers and legal practices are conducting their operations remotely. To minimise the risk of fraud, the integration offers several methods for authenticating the signing parties, with eID options covering all of the Nordics, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Clio is used by over 150,000 legal professionals in 90 countries to help manage their law practice more efficiently. The Scrive integration is available in the Clio App Directory.