Feature release October 2015

Tomorrow morning it’s time for yet another production update!
This sprint is named after the beautiful city of Warsaw, where our beloved lead developer Mariusz lives.

Main feature

  • Possibility to change the “authentication to view” method

You now have the possibility to change the authentication method to view the document after you have sent it for signing. It is connected to our previous release of Norwegian Bank ID.

This is done in the authors view of the document you want to change the authentication method to view on.

This new feature is very useful when you have a workflow where you, prior to sending the document, don’t know if the customer will be present or not. Now you only need to set up one template and change the workflow inside your own application.

Of course these new features are also available using our API.

You may choose between Swedish or Norwegian Bank ID.

It is also possible to change the authentication to sign in the authors view or via the API.

Here you may choose between authenticating the customer with Swedish or Norwegian Bank ID or Pin by SMS

Minor fixes

  • The identify to view feature received a usability lift up and presents an improved identify view
  • Table of signatories now includes information about authorization status
  • Main signing page received a very important technological update. For our users it means improved signing experience and faster interaction. We used react components to achieve this result.
  • Signatory section is improved. Authors get to see more details about invited signatories when they create documents, signatories see a streamlined version of the same information.
Next production update will be on the 17th of October.

Have a great weekend!