Feature release Söderarm 0 (2015 09 19)

We are back as always with a new production update tomorrow morning at 6 AM CET.

This release is named Söderarm 0 after the beautiful island in the outskirts of the Stockholm archipelago.

Main feature

  • Authenticate to view with Norwegian BankID

Welcome Norway! You can now use Norwegian BankID in Scrive.

Authenticate to view with Norwegian BankID

Norwegian BankID can be used as an authentication method with the “authenticate to view” feature.

When you set up a new process you can now select both Swedish and Norwegian BankID as the method to authenticate to view the document.

The recipient will not see a preview of the document as is the case when no authentication to view is set.

Here you need to authenticate with Norwegian BankID to see the document.


The author needs to provide the personal number if authentication to view with Norwegian or Swedish BankID is selected.
The view to authenticate is responsive (works well on devices with different screen sizes).

As soon as you have authenticated it works like a log in session. If you exit the document and open it again in another browser or on another device, you will need to authenticate again.

Only documents that can be signed will ask for authentication. If the document is signed already you can see the document without authentication.

Authentication to view can only be set for signing parties, not for viewers.

Two new events in the evidence log is added. We now track when someone enters the view to authenticate and when an authentication to view is done.

Minor fixes

  • Fix Evidence Log for “Change Authentication to Sign”
  • Fix copy for Evidence Log text
  • Add patch related to missing name returned from SE BankId on verification page
  • Rewrite sign section of signing page to React.
  • Remove signing page branding from to-start views
  • Last fixes to NO BankID + redirect to original domain on resolve
  • Birthday validation included when authenticating with Norwegian BankID
  • Update strings related to authentication to sign in to-start
  • Rewrite extra details section of signview into React
  • Properly handle comma and doublequote in company names