Flex Applications launches e-signing via Scrive


Scrive is pleased to announce a new partnership with Flex Applications, provider of personnel administration systems. The new integration of Scrive eSign to the Employee module of the Flex HRM platform, enables employers to digitalise and automate work with contracts and other agreements, achieving simplicity, security and efficiency for all parties.

Managers and HR staff can quickly and easily create tailored employment agreements, confidentiality agreements, forms and other important documents. They can then send the document for e-signing directly from the Flex HRM Employee workspace. The document can be signed quickly, eliminating the need for in-person meetings or sending agreements by post. 

Convenience, security and visibility

Documents can be prepared, sent and signed within the same interface, accessible from anywhere, on any device. For increased security, the recipient can be required to authenticate using BankID or another type of e-identification before they can view or sign a document. Managers get a real-time overview of the status of all signing processes, both in-progress and completed. Automated deadlines and reminders keep processes on track and eliminate the need for manual follow-up tasks. 

“We have seen that more and more employers are asking for digital solutions that speed up the process around agreements and other important documents”, says Linda Tesell, Product Manager at Flex Applications. “Therefore, it feels great to welcome Scrive as a partner and be able to offer our users a smooth and secure way to manage the signing process directly in Flex HRM Employee.” 

We are happy and proud that Flex Applications has chosen Scrive for e-signing and identification”, says Scrive CEO Viktor Wrede. “Together we enhance digital HR and help more people deliver better employee and user experiences.”

Making everyday life better for managers, HR and employees

Digital management from start to finish benefits the entire business:

  • Better employee experience
  • Process efficiency for managers and administrators 
  • All documents and agreements gathered in one place – accessible wherever you are
  • Secure authentication solutions minimise the risk of unauthorised access
  • Automated workflow options simplify collaboration

Ready for smarter agreement management?

To e-sign with Scrive in Flex, you need Flex HRM Employee with the e-signature module (provided free of charge by Flex) and a subscription to Scrive eSign. 

Get started now in three simple steps. Questions? Contact Scrive sales.

About Flex Applications
Founded in 1990, Flex Applications AB is known for developing efficient, user-friendly systems for personnel administration. Headquartered in Örebro, the company has offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo.