How Riddermark Bil became the largest supplier of used cars in Sweden

“Without Scrive’s e-signing solutions it wouldn’t have been possible!”

From day one, Riddermark Bil have put in an immense amount of effort to ensure their customers get the best possible experience when buying and selling their cars. Despite this, the urgency and importance of this continuous improvement rose to an all time high during the pandemic. 

Even with Sweden’s limited restrictions compared to other countries, Riddermark Bil knew fewer people would be coming to dealerships in person. Ensuring their safety, while enabling them to go about their business in an accessible and efficient way, became priority number one. After all, in order to grow in times of change, one needs to adapt and do so quickly.

We have over 3000 used cars for sale, across 14 locations in Sweden and it wouldn’t be possible to do this with paper, it would crush the business!

iPeter Ahnell – Head of Business Development & Marketing, Riddermark Bil

The first step in overcoming the challenges of running a used car dealership during a global pandemic was digitalisation. Luckily, Riddermark Bil had been introduced to Scrive by their financing partner DNB and initial conversations quickly turned into action plans and solutions, leading to a number of changes in the way Riddermark Bil conducts business.

Digitalising all agreements and key documents enabled centralised administration even as the business grew to include several locations and gives members of the team the overview they need to gain insight and make educated decisions based on a complete dataset, available anywhere and any time. Of course this also lets Riddermark Bil and their customers create and sign agreements remotely, on any device which enables a level of mobility many had not experienced before within the world of automotive sales. This resulted in 140.000 signatures and over 25.000 cars sold in 2021!

Another way they approached this transformation was to allow people to sell their cars from home. Riddermark Bil would send a chauffeur to the customer’s house to finish the deal on their lawn before driving the car back to the dealership.

This inspired a range of responses from customers, many considering this shockingly simple, with Riddermark Bil’s Head of Quality & Communications, Idalina Santamäki‌, saying “The best feedback we get is when people say they feel like it was too easy, and are left wondering: what’s the catch? When there literally is none!

The best feedback we get is when people say they feel like it was too easy, and are left wondering: what’s the catch? When there literally is none!

Idalina Santamäki, Head of Quality & Communications

As tends to be the case when businesses prioritise customer centricity, Riddermark Bil has seen immense growth across their business since implementing these changes. Their team of chauffeurs has grown to over 120 employees who pick up a car, somewhere in Sweden, every 7 minutes on average.

Without the right partner, digitalisation and expansion can be a huge challenge but through their partnership, Riddermark Bil and Scrive have been able to navigate these challenges with ease.

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