Huge Salesforce upgrade!

As mentioned in our previous post, we are doing massive work on our Salesforce application. Our new updates will make it one of the most versatile and extensive e-signature application on the Salesforce platform.

1) Overview

The Process Template is a framework which defines a standard process for signing documents within Salesforce. Once completed, the process template gives the ability to deliver Scrive Documents to Customers using no more than 2 clicks!
First click to create a preview of the Scrive Document based upon the definition of the Process Template, second click to send it!

Within the Process Template you can define the following properties:

  • Source Object (e.g. Opportunity)
  • Source Document (e.g. last document attached on Opportunity)
  • Scrive Document definition such as language, Invitation Message
  • Scrive Document Parties (Contact, User and Static Email)
  • Scrive Document field mapping
  • Default Attachment document (e.g. Terms & Conditions)

2) Key Feature of Process Template

  • Source Object

An object related to a process (Opportunity, Quote, etc.)

  • Source Document

A various range of documents can be used as a source document.
In the Process Template, the source document can be either:

  • An attachment from the source object
  • A Quote Document (available only if Quote is chosen as a Source Object)
  • A Document
  • A VisualForce rendered as Pdf
  • A Scrive Process Template
  • Language

Use Case, one wants to send Scrive Document in the language of the Customer.
In the Process Template, the language can be mapped to a formula field. For instance, on Opportunity there is a formula “Preferred Communication Language” pulling the information from the Account.

  • Contact

Use Case, one wants to pick up the Scrive Document signer from the Opportunity Contact Role.
In the Process Template, you can define a party from always being the “Decision Maker” Contact Role.

  • Tracking Documents

Use Case, One wants all Scrive Documents to be sent to a given Email Address.
In the Process Template you can add a third party, static email address, as a Viewer.

  • Default Attachment Document

Before finishing the creation process user can attach as many files as needed. One can attach eg. Terms & Conditions to be send everytime together with documents to sign.

  • Finishing creation process

After saving Process Template View Page allows for overviewing details of template and editing them if needed. One more click creates and activates sending button.
Use Case, One wants to change attached document based on eg. amount of order or some other data. In the Process Template system may be configured that way so one button can send different documents depending on some feature.

3) Sending process

3.1) Right after button is created, it must be add to layout of object (eg. Opportunity) one wants to use.

3.2) First click leads to preview of document – a moment to verify whether data and sending document are correct and change it if necessary.

3.3) Second click sends document to parties for sign. User can track the process based on status – whether it’s draft, sent or signed.

The next update is planned during the month of December and will introduce full Salesforce1 support with brand new lightning components.