New law simplifies everyday life for thousands of estate agents – Scrive digitises the contracts of Fastighetsbyrån

Fastighetsbyrån chooses Scrive’s e-signing solutions to digitise its assignment and deposit agreements. The opportunity is opening up thanks to the new Real Estate Agents Act that now allows e-signing, which means that Fastighetsbyrån’s more than 1700 estate agents now no longer have to print and sign contracts in analogue form, but everything is done digitally.

The new Real Estate Agents Act, introduced this summer, updated the form requirements for assignment and deposit agreements, meaning that these can now be signed digitally. In connection with this, Fastighetsbyrån, which has been working with Scrive for some time, decided to immediately open up the possibility for its estate agents to digitise the contract process.

We have been working with Fastighetsbyrån for a couple of years now, helping them to digitise their contract processing where the law allowed. The fact that the new law now opens up for more digital contracts not only makes the work easier for estate agents but also creates a better customer experience. A good step towards a more digital brokerage industry, says Viktor Wrede, CEO of Scrive.

In the real estate and brokerage industry, contract management and signing is a big part of everyday life and at Fastighetsbyrån more than 60,000 contracts are signed per year. At Fastighetsbyrån, around 20% of these are signed digitally, but the new form requirements open up the possibility of increasing the number of e-signatures.

This is a long-awaited change in the law that will move the industry forward. We always want to be at the forefront digitally and Scrive’s solution facilitates the contract processes for both our clients and employees. In addition, we strike a blow for the environment by reducing printing, says Johan Engström, CEO of Fastighetsbyrån.

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