Nordic Leaders Team Up: Aditro Enters Scrive Partnership

Aditro, the Nordic leader in HR and payroll solutions, has entered into a partnership with Scrive, the Nordic leader in electronic signature solutions.

As a Scrive System Partner, Aditro has integrated the Scrive eSign solution into Aditro People, the base of their HR solution.

Initiator view in desktop. Signing party view in mobile. Aditro People.

“We are really happy with the partnership with Aditro. Together, we enable a seamless HR flow so Aditro HR users can achieve even greater efficiency in their contracting processes”.

Viktor Wrede, CEO at Scrive

“With the integration of e-signatures, we are now replacing the old pen and paper contracts”, says Aditro People Product Manager Terese Hill. “This will simplify and speed up the whole onboarding process. You can now sign contracts from any device, any time, anywhere. Offering our customers a fully digitalised HR process is something we’ve wanted for a long time. Now it’s a reality with Scrive”.

“Traditionally, the employment process includes a number of manual steps, paperwork and the involvement of multiple parties”, Aditro People Product Manager Terese Hill explains. “With a fully-digitalised workflow, you can hire faster while reducing administration costs and have 100% control over your documents”.

For more information please contact:

Viktor Wrede, CEO Scrive
+46 70 888 47 49
[email protected]

Terese Hill, Product Manager Aditro
+46 72 211 80 67
[email protected]

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