November update

We have a big release coming up this Saturday, and there is a lot to talk about.

If you’re short on time, here is a tl;dr summary:

  • API Version 2 release with new documentation

    API Version 1 will be supported until the end of 2017.
  • Two new sizes of checkboxes and new design

    Checkboxes will be updated with two new sizes and a new design.
  • Highlighting of document during signing and new top bar

    For in-person signing, there will now be a highlighting pen available to use during the contract review process.
  • Ability to see requested attachments in Sign View

    It will be possible to see uploaded attachments in sign view before signing a document.
  • Small update to email layout

    Invitation and confirmation emails will get a layout update to make the custom message clearer.

Note that all features are always available using our API. To understand how to use all new (and current) features, read the API Documentation or use our API Explorer.

API Version 2 released with new documentation

We are now releasing the new version of our API.
Version 2 contains the following improvements:

  • A new naming structure for API endpoints
  • Changes to the JSON data structures
  • Changes to parameters and their names
  • More comprehensive documentation
  • Better error messages

All of the above will make our API more intuitive to use and a lot easier to debug.

New documentation can be found at

Checkboxes – New design and sizes

Our checkboxes are getting a makeover with a new design, and two additional sizes. The size is “small” by default and will stay the same on all existing documents. For a more mobile-friendly signing experience we are now adding “Medium” and “Large.”

Apart from adding two more sizes, the checkboxes are now in SVG so they look crisp on retina displays and we are also giving them more color so they “pop” more in the document. The color is set to your branding profile so that the Mandatory checkboxes will have the same color as the arrow (main color in branding) and the optional boxes will have the secondary color in your branding profile.

After signing, the checkboxes will be black and white in the signed document.

Checkboxes on a signed document

Highlighting of documents and a new “top bar.”

Our focus on digital retail continues with the addition of our latest premium feature: highlighting.

Since Scrive is used during the process when our customer signs up their customer, the review process of the contract during signing is essential for a great customer experience. We are therefore adding a “highlighting pen” as a tool to add clarification to certain key parts of the contract before signing.

Together with this release we are also adding a bar that will hold the zoom controls and the controls for highlighting. The bar will also tell you the document name and in which state you see it.

After the document has been signed, the highlighting will remain on the sealed PDF and the events created by highlighting will be stored in the evidence log of the signed document.

Evidence log of a signed document with highlighting

Initially, this feature will only be available for in-person signing, and the highlighting is done by the author of the document, regardless of who is in the signing process.

To get access to highlighting, please contact Scrive support.

See Requested Attachments in SignView from prior signatories

It will now be possible for all parties to see the uploaded attachment by a previous signatory before they sign.

For example, let’s say party 1 must submit a copy of their driving license, and you have set yourself as party 2. Before you sign, you might want to verify that “signatory 1” uploaded a picture of their driver’s license before you sign yourself.

As you can see in this picture, “John Doe” uploaded the attachment “ID Card” during the signing process and party two (Axel Talmet) can review it before signing.

Bye bye pixels! New crisp SVG arrows for retina displays and sharper documents

We will update our beloved arrows to use SVG icons instead of PNGs to get rid of all the ugly pixels. Small but great update!

Not a pixel in sight!

We are also increasing the resolution of the documents in sign-view to make them even sharper.

Small update to email layout

To make your message clearer when inviting someone to sign over email, we have made a small but significant update to the email invitation and confirmation message.

The custom message is no longer in italic, and we will move the “instructions text” below the custom message and make it bold to be clearer.

You can add a custom message in the same place as before:

Add your custom message under “Other settings” in the design view of a document or a template.

That’s everything for this release.
The next upgrade is scheduled for the 3rd of December.