Service downtime Q and A

To follow up on our email that was recently sent out recently we will update this blogpost with a full incident report with root cause analysis as soon as possible. You can always find the latest up to date information here at our blog and our status page

Below are the most relevant questions that we’ve prepared for.


Q: What has happened to all my contracts that were sent before the downtime?

A: Documents that were closed (signed by all signatories) before 01:30 CEST Monday morning are still closed and available in the service. This includes documents that were deleted after this point in time. Documents that were sent before this time but not signed by all parties still require missing parties to sign (again).


Q: What has happened to all the contracts that were sent out to be signed during the downtime?

A: If they were signed by all parties during the incident, Scrive will be able to recover them. Unless you already have these contracts stored, please reach out to us and we will support you in getting these contracts. If the documents were not signed by all parties, they need to be recreated by you, and sent out again.


Q: Has this had any impact on our user accounts or user groups? 

A: Any users or user groups that were created between 2021-05-03 01:30 CEST and 2021-05-04 08:13 CEST need to be re-created. Any other changes made to users or user groups during the same time span also need to be re-done.


For any further questions or support, please contact our support team

Best regards,
Viktor Wrede and the entire team at Scrive