Radio release

Radio buttons

This week we’re happy to release the radio button feature customers have requested. Now you can present your signing parties with a set of mutually exclusive options in the document. With radio buttons (unlike checkboxes), the user can only select one.

Radio buttons are named for the physical buttons on old car radios to select preset stations. When one button was pressed in, all the others had to be in out position.

How does it work?

To place radio buttons in your document, go to Place fields tab, where you will see a new button next to the Text field, Signature box, and Checkbox buttons. As with the other field types, you simply drag a button group (3 by default) onto your document. Align the buttons with your text, and add as many buttons to the group as you need.

For the signatory signing, he or she will only be asked to choose one of the options. We designed in such a way to not promote one particular option. Thus the arrow will point at all available radio buttons at once.

Email and mobile editable by signing party

Your signing party can edit their email address and mobile number in the sign view, even if the sender has set them.

This is especially useful for the in-store scenario: the CRM system might pass outdated customer data to the document. And of course, it’s all too easy to mistype an email address when manually setting up a document for signing.

How does it work?

This option is disabled by default. You can enable it using the Scrive API by setting the parameter "editable_by_signatory": true,.


Now you can use NemID to securely identify your Danish signing parties before they can view and sign a document.

Attachment request can be optional

You can now request an attachment from a signing party but make it optional. They won’t be required upload the attachment to complete the signing process.

That is it for this release, but stay tuned for more features and updates during fall.