Release Edinburgh 3

We are coming to the end of October and what´s better than ending with a Scrive upgrade?

This release is named after the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh.

Edinburgh has long been known as a centre of education, particularly in the fields of medicine, Scottish law, literature, the sciences and engineering. The city is also the largest financial centre in the UK after London.

Jonathan, who is our versatile frontend/backend master, has Edinburgh as his home base when he is not working hard from his summer house in France.

Now, let´s get down to what´s new in this release.

Show owner of template

This is a request that many of our customers have been asking about and have also submitted to our idea portal.
You will now see who the owner of every shared template is. This is very useful if you and your colleagues are using the same template and a change needs to be made. Starting Saturday, you will know who to talk to in order to have it updated.

Speeding up the system

This time, we have put a lot of work into improving the speed and snappiness of Scrive. Our document searching and retrieval subsystems got a significant boost. Document access control is faster than it used to be. The more documents there are in the archive, the bigger impact this improvement has. For specific cases and larger archives the improvement in document, retrieval can be as much as 500%.

Work on APIv2 continues

Our new API version 2 is merged and work progress there in spades. Note that we are not releasing APIv2 at this point yet, as we know that “we should eat our own dog food first“. Starting now, we will migrate our own frontend to use the new API version, sorting out any issues that might come along. Stay tuned for news about the new API version.

Change behaviour of when the back button is shown

As you already may know, we are developing brand new apps for iOS and Android. To adapt our sign view to our new apps, we are introducing a method to hide the back button for in-app use.

That´s all for this week but already early next week we are back with a huge upgrade to our Salesforce application, stay tuned!

And of course, next production upgrade will be on the 14th of November.