Release Germany 16 – “the ZOOM release”

We are – back at it again – with a production upgrade.

This time, we named the sprint after the great country of Germany.
As we all know, Germans love Swedish culture and our elk signs.

More so, Germans also happened to like Swedish technology and Scrive. We have a number of German clients using our platform to empower their businesses in their day-to-day operations.

To celebrate this friendship, we have some big news for this release.

– Zooming the document

Today we are introducing a new way to zoom the document. Before today’s release, the entire web page was zoomed when “Pinching” which could cause some complications. For example, if you were zoomed in you were not able to sign the document and was asked to zoom out before you could sign.
The reason behind this was that you would zoom in the entire page, which included the drawing area itself, making it very hard to draw your signature.

Starting today, if you are signing a document on a screen that has a width below 1200px, you will see a new zoom control on the right-hand side of the screen. When using the zoom control, only the container with the document will be zoomed in. This means that you now can sign the document even when you are fully zoomed in.

Zoom controls on the right pane

We have added a zoom control on the right pane with a plus and minus sign for zooming. This also means that “pinch to zoom” has been disabled. It is a trade-off that we made because “pinch to zoom” works very different depending on what device and browser are being used, making it tough to develop, maintain and test.

###No more “You need to zoom out to sign the document” messages.

As you can see below, the document is zoomed in but the drawing area is not.
It works this well because we only zoom in the container of the document and not the whole page itself, thus improving the user experience significantly.

– Smart arrows

Together with the new zooming we also released a new more intelligent arrow that will be your trusted guide wherever and no matter how zoomed in you are. The arrow now moves 360 degrees and will always point you to the next action.

Just look at this beauty below.

We are back with another production upgrade on the 11th of June.