Release “Italy 17”

Improved user experience for signing with Swedish BankID on mobile

We have made a significant change on how we handle the signing process on mobile with BankID.

Previous when a customer signs a document using BankID on mobile, they are taken to the Swedish BankID application to sign the document. After signing the user had to go back to the signing page to finalising the signing.

This, unfortunately, caused some confusion because it wasn’t apparent that you had to go back to sign the document.

So starting now, we are finalising the signing process as soon as we get the callback from BankID that the user has completed the BankID signing. That means even if a user doesn’t return to the signing page after finalising the signing in the BankID app, the document will still be signed.

We will now take the screenshot as soon as the user initiates the BankID signing and before leaving the sign view to catch the intent of signing.

Next update and the last for the summer will take place on the 2nd of July.