Release Ljubljana 7

I hope you have had a great start of 2016!

We are back with our first production upgrade for the year, and we are beginning with a big one. While many of our customers were away on holidays, our fantastic engineering team has been working hard to start off this new year strong.

The release is named after the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana.
Ljubljana (pronounced lub-lee-yana) is the hometown of Ernes, who is the man behind our Chrome Extension and Printer Driver used by our retail (POS) clients processing thousands of contracts each day.

Main Feature in this release: Introducing CDN

As you may know, Scrive is hosted securely in Amazon data centers situated on Ireland. This, of course, means that all communication our customers have with our service needs to travel to Ireland and back.
So, for us to deliver the best and fastest e-signing experience in the world, we will start using a CDN.

CDN is in short a network of geographically dispersed servers which delivers (cached) content from websites to end users based on the geographic location of the user.
Initially, we will use CDN to deliver the majority of our sign view, which means that everyone signing a contract using Scrive will experience one of the fastest e-signature experiences on the planet, starting tomorrow morning.

Example, if you are in Italy and receive a contract to sign, a large part of the sign view will be loaded from a server in Milano instead of Ireland, hence the major improvement in speed.

Note that CDN will only deliver static content of the sign view. This means that there is no change in how our customer data is being delivered.

Below is a map displaying the Point of Presence of all servers in the CDN network that we will be using.

Minor improvements

Prepare design view for API v2

We are continuing to implement API v2 for the remaining parts of the system. These are the last steps before we start preparing for a public release of the new API. More information will follow in the next couple of months.

Implement responsive file view in sign view

We are implementing some of the last preparations for our upcoming release of our new responsive sign view.

Non-signing party data is now included in CSV exports

When you do a CSV export from within the e-archive data from non-signing parties are now included.

That is all for this week! We are back for the next upgrade on the 30th of January.