Release Wrocław 4

On Saturday, we had another production upgrade.

This time, we named the release after the next European capital of culture, Wroclaw.
Wroclaw is the largest city in western Poland with a population of 634 487, also making it the fourth-largest city in Poland.

Wroclaw is also the home of Bartek, who takes care of all the nasty bugs that may appear and supports our fantastic service around the clock (almost). Wroclaw is such a city of talent that it also houses Andrzej, who is our backend master with a fondness for optimizing database queries, which makes Scrive the fast service that it is today.

This weeks update is a minor one.

  • We have done work “under the hood” to improve the overall performance of the service.
  • Improve search on to-sign and in the archive

Search in “to-sign” and in the search box in the e-archive.
If you use quotes “” at the beginning and the end of the search string, you will only find contracts that contain text that matches that search string.

The next production update is on the 28th of November.

And it is a HUGE one. Stay tuned.