Rentall and Scrive streamline car rental

Scrive is pleased to announce a new partnership with Rentall, provider of auto rental software solutions. This partnership enables rental operators to boost revenue and save time while giving their customers a better experience, cutting down wait times and offering an intuitive user interface.

Rental operators can quickly and easily create and sign rental agreements and other important documents as well as enabling live updates from customers. This streamlines communication as well as the user experience for both the rental operator and the end customers.

Convenience and security

Eliminating errors in data, keeping personal data secure and still getting your customer behind the wheel quicker than before is a win-win, benefitting everyone involved in the process.

Now that we’re using Scrive, our workflow is smoother, faster and a lot easier, not to mention a lot greener! 

Before Scrive we were printing over 200.00 rental agreements per year but now we’re not just reducing waste but also improving our efficiency, access to important information and having a better overview of the business.

Fernanda Menezes Caetano, IT at Hertz Iceland

Ready for a smoother car rental experience?

If you want to speed up your workflow with Scrive and Rentall, get in touch today and we’ll help you get started. Want to learn more about our partnership? Read about it here.

About Rentall
Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Rentall is known for helping rental operators to deliver operational efficiencies and growth opportunities worldwide..