Scrive eSign for Salesforce. New update

Fall has arrived, and as one year has passed since we last posted something on the blog about our Salesforce Package, I’ll simply recycle a phrase used back then: “Let’s start this fall with a new release of our Salesforce package.”

Yes indeed.  The new version is 4.68.0 and is as always available on the    Salesforce AppExchange.

Except for various bug-fixes this version also includes the following new features:

Hide Personal Number:
Due to GDPR, some companies wish to hide personal information such as Personal Number rather than keeping it visible in stored records.


A new field Hide Personal Number has been added on Scrive Document Party.
The value of this field can be set both on creating a new Scrive Document or in Scrive Process Template.

Additional eID for verification:
We have already for quite some time provided our users with Swedish BankID, Norweigan BankID and Danish NemID to use as an identification method – and today Finnish TUPAS has been added to this feature-family.


Bank coverage is not complete, but we are working with our supplier to improve this. While TUPAS does not have built-in signing capabilities, it will become an option for signing once we implement short-term certificates for this purpose later this year.

Simply go to the Authentication to View picklist field on Scrive Document Party object and enable the picklist value.

Admin Panel:
It is now possible to display more than 1 000 users via pagination.
If a certain number of Scrive Users have to be created, the system will execute a batch in the backend and Admin Panel will inform about it taking place.