Scrive expands identity offering through partnership with eID Easy

Scrive is pleased to announce a new partnership with eID Easy, provider of Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) and authentication APIs under the European Union’s eIDAS framework.

The primary aim of the partnership will be to expand and deliver access to electronic ID schemes throughout Europe, with the initial phase of the cooperation focusing on the Baltic region.

eID Easy, founded in 2016 and based in Tallinn, Estonia, provides access to a range of well-established and widely used electronic identification schemes in the Baltics, Nordics and many European countries, offering identity-based electronic signatures on the Qualified and Advanced levels in accordance with the EU’s eIDAS Regulation. All documents signed via eID Easy’s APIs are legally valid across Europe, with those on the Qualified level equivalent to traditional ink-and-paper signatures.     

For Scrive customers, this collaboration will facilitate expansions into new markets as well as enhance their offering in existing markets, as Scrive’s offerings will provide a wider range of authentication and identity-based signature services. The collaboration between eID Easy and Scrive will initially focus on Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, with more countries to follow.

“We are delighted to start working with Scrive to help expand the coverage of identity-based signatures in more European countries”, says Margus Pala, CEO at eID Easy. “As more businesses need to adopt legally valid signatures, eID Easy’s mission is to increase the speed and degree of adoption of qualified and advanced signature methods all over Europe. Together with Scrive, we are well-positioned to work towards that goal.”

“As businesses continuously become more global, there is an increasing demand for cross-border compatibility of electronic signatures”, says Martin Röver-Parkes, Scrive’s Chief Product Officer. “The need to sign documents shouldn’t make the building of relationships harder. The most common example would be if the completion of a business transaction requires the signature of decision-makers from Finland, Sweden and Estonia, for example. Collaborating with eID Easy, we can ensure that the signatures from all those involved in cases like these are legally binding and valid, executed in a seamless product experience, thereby helping to advance and simplify the exchange of goods, services and ideas across borders.”

More information, as well as the official announcement on the collaboration between Scrive and eID Easy, will be provided at the SK Annual Conference 2022 on November 3, 2022, at the Apollo Cinema in the Ülemiste Centre in Tallinn, Estonia.