Scrive for Salesforce Spring 17 Update

Our Scrive for Salesforce App has received a new Spring update today!

1. Admin Panel

With the new Admin Panel, you are now able to create and add Salesforce users as Scrive users without having to log into Scrive.

The created users do not need to go through the Configuration process and can instantly start e-signing through Scrive.

The new page “Admin Panel”, also gives a new admin the ability to create a Scrive Account directly from Salesforce.

Now you can:

  • Create a new Scrive account or connect an existing account directly from Salesforce
  • Add new Salesforce users to Scrive directly from within Salesforce
  • Overview all your connected accounts
How to sign in to existing account:

Step 1 – Go to the “Scrive Admin Panel.”

Step 2 – Click “Sign in.”
Step 3 – Enter your Scrive Account ID (contact Scrive for your ID if you do not have access to it)

2. Deletion of Pages

Following our latest update of the Scrive Platform, we are now enabling the option to remove pages in a Scrive template before sending.

As an admin, you can define the pages to be deleted while the document is in draft stage. The feature is enabled as follow:

Url Parameter using ScriveProcessTemplate

For example:

Same parameter and syntax applies for the Send Scrive Document from Url parameters


We also added a new button on the Scrive Document page layout named “Remove Pages” that is enabled via the Custom Settings.

The remove pages feature applies only to Scrive Document in status “Draft”, and that makes use of Scrive Template.

3. Global Methods

A developer wants to make use of methods implemented in the Scrive package such as Forward, Send Reminder…
In the new release, these methods are set as global, so they can be used by the local platform.

Here is the list of methods that are exposed:

Action – Method name – Parameters

Restart a document – restart – Id documentId: the Salesforce Scrive Document Id

Send a reminder – sendReminder – Id documentId: the Salesforce Scrive Document Id

Withdraw a document – withdraw – Id documentId: the Salesforce Scrive Document Id

Delete a document – delete – Id documentId: the Salesforce Scrive Document Id

Forward a signed document – forward – Id documentId: the Salesforce Scrive Document Id String[] emails: list of emails to forward document

Each of these methods returns a new global class called ScriveDocumentResult. This class has following parameters:
Boolean isSuccess or String errorMessage

Smashed Bugs

4.1SMS is being overwritten to email

When Document is in a draft state, delivery method set to email, when one tries to edit and change to SMS, it gets overridden to Email.

4.2 Optional Party on Process Template

When using a Scrive Template with multiple parties and creating a Scrive Document from a Scrive Process Template and optional parties, the optional parties are not removed from Scrive Document.

4.3 Issue with Invitation Message

Set the Invitation Message to a regular text area instead of a rich text area.

4.4 Error when sending reminder

The system is showing an error message when a reminder is sent (even if the reminder is properly sent from Scrive). The issue is fixed.