Scrive for Salesforce update v 2.79

Big news for all of our Salesforce customers. A couple of weeks back we started working on some major improvements for our Salesforce application.

Today we are happy to announce that the first release with fresh updates is here.

Here is what’s new:

  • Standard reports on Scrive Documents. A Standard Scrive Dashboard is available showing information like:

-Number of Documents Sent/Signed this Month/Year

-The Number of Documents Sent/Signed group by User

-Average time of Signing Documents

  • A User wants to Edit a draft Scrive Document. When opening a draft Scrive Document, he can click the “Edit” button.

The User can Edit following parts of the Scrive Document:
The parties, including the Signing Order, Method of Delivery, Method of Authentication, Role and Method of Confirmation
Delivery options, Title, Language, Signing Deadline and invitation message.

  • 1-click sign with Sales/Service Cloud Console

A User wants to quickly send a Scrive Document directly from the Salesforce Console.
In the Console, a Scrive Custom Component, on the side Panel, gives the ability to send a Scrive Document in 2 clicks.
One Click for Validating the Opportunity and default Settings, and one more for sending.
Once the Document is sent, the Custom Component is rendered and shows the current status of the Scrive Document and Parties.

  • Configurator of Custom Objects (and Contracts and Quotes)

A User wants to use the powerful of Scrive in objects differents than the Opportunity. From the Scrive Configuration Tab, it is possible to configure Scrive so Documents can be sent from any Salesforce Object (Quote, Contract, Custom Objects …). A wizard supports the configuration of the new Object.

  • Opportunity validations

A User wants to make sure a Signed Scrive Document will close the Opportunity.
Prior to sending a Scrive Document, a Validation is run against the Opportunity. It ensures the Opportunity Record can be set to Close Stage once the Scrive Document is Signed. In case of validation errors, a user friendly message is displayed helping the User to fix the Opportunity.

  • Importing Scrive Documents into Contract object in Salesforce

A user wants to import Scrive Documents created outside of Salesforce to the standard Salesforce contract object. In the tab Scrive Browser the user can select Import from the context menu, what opens a search tool that looks up to any object related to a Scrive Document. After selecting a context object and letting to Import a document, a Scrive Document is created and attached to the chosen object.

  • Support for chosing related contacts

A User wants to send a document to a defined contact related to an opportunity’s account.

After choosing ‘New Scrive Document’ the user is presented a list of all related contacts, with phone number, email address and title, giving a possibility to quickly choose the list of recipients. If the document is to be signed or viewed by another non-related to the account party, the recipients can be chosen from a lookup.