Scrive for Zapier!

We have been working for the last three months to develop a Zapier application for Scrive. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Zapier, it is a platform to connect apps with each other without having to write any code.

Read this great article to get an introduction to Zapier.

To get started with our Zapier app click here.

To help you get started, we have created this small guide below that describes the different functionalities we have in the app and how to configure a trigger.

Scrive Triggers

We have built in two triggers into the app that are both activated when a document is signed and sealed.

In the below guide I will show you how to create a Zap that uploads a signed document to Google Drive and adds a row in a Google Spreadsheet with metadata about the signed contract.

Start by creating a Zap

After you have created your free account, click on “Make a Zap” and search for Scrive as the trigger app and pick “Signed Document” from the list.

Connect your Scrive account

On the next screen click on “Connect account”. In the Host list pick “Production” unless you are going to use your account on api-testbed. Next login to your Scrive account and go in under Accounts —> Integration Settings.and copy paste your Personal access credentials to the right corresponding field in zapper.

Connect Google Drive as an Action App

When you have completed setting up your Scrive account as a trigger account we are ready to connect to Google Drive as the first action app. Search for Google Drive and choose “Upload File” and connect your account.

Add the file and data from the Scrive document

Now we need to tell Google Drive where to download the signed document and what to name it. Open the list under file and Zapier will lookup all fields in Scrive. Scroll to the bottom and pick “Main PDF File”.
Now we want the uploaded file to get a proper name so we easily can find the correct file. Open the list under “File Name” and pick the metadata fields that you want to name your file. I picked “Title” and “DocID”.

Create and connect a Google Sheet

Now that you have completed the configuration to Google Drive we are ready to add Google Sheet as a second action app. Before you can connect to a spreadsheet you need to create a new sheet with a title for each column that you want to fill in data in the first row.

In the above picture I created a new sheet where I will collect the authors name in the A column, Signatory 1’s name in the B column etc.

Map all Scrive fields to your Google sheet

Now that you have created a new spreadsheet and set a title in all the columns you need to start collecting data we are ready to connect it to map that to every Scrive Document that gets signed.

Save and run your Zap

Now that you have completed your first Zap go to Scrive and create and sign a test document to test it out. Note that if you are on a free account it can take up to 15 minutes for your zap to be executed.

Happy Zapping with Scrive!