Scrive in Salesforce is Lightning Ready

Our Salesforce package is up for a new update, and this time we have been working on making the package Lightning ready plus adding two new features.

– Lightning Ready

The Scrive package has been redesigned to match the Lighting user experience.
The following processes are now Lightning Ready:

– Scrive Configuration
– Configuration of Users + Administration of the Package
– Scrive Document
– Creation & View layout
– Scrive Process Template – Creation & View layout.

– Configure a Scrive Document via URL parameters

To increase the flexibility and to enhance the possibility of integrating our package with other systems, we now allow you to create documents by providing a set of URL parameters to a specially prepared VisualForce page.

The VF page has a set of parameters that allows to fully configure a Scrive Document from Main Document, Parties to Scrive Attachments.

For the full list of parameters and a guide on how to configure a document, we refer to our Admin Guide that can be downloaded from our App site on Salesforce Appexchange.

That is all for this release

Next release is set for a mid December launchand will include the following updates:

  • Restart signing process from Salesforce
  • Scrive Account/User administration in Salesforce
  • Migration from API V1 to V2
  • Support for all document Statuses (sent, delivered, opened etc.) in Salesforce
  • Improved logging for Administrators