Scrive is on a mission to support startups in their scale-up journey

Viktor and Julia, partnership between Scrive and SSE Business Lab

Scrive has been a pioneer in scaling businesses by using 100% digital on-boarding and workflows, leveraging remote work from the get-go with Europe as their playground. Scrive is now back to where everything started, at SSE Business Lab, to share knowledge with the entrepreneurs of tomorrow and to vastly contribute to their future success and growth.

Founded by two friends from Stockholm School of Economics back in 2010, Scrive has been on a journey to simplify the way we do business in a digital world. From their humble beginnings signing spoken word artists to perform in Stockholm to implementing agreements workflows for global enterprises, growth has been a constant on their journey.

“How did we get here?”, asks Scrive CEO, Viktor Wrede. “In short, customer centricity: listening, understanding, responding. Recognising that signing an agreement is just one piece of a much larger business process, we serve as a guide for your digital transformation journey”.

Scrive will continue supporting businesses in adapting to the new normal of a post-Covid world. Being able to mobilise remote work efficiently has proven crucial to a startup’s chances to survive and thrive during this last year.

“A startup founder’s time is always limited, and Scrive saved our lives many times”, says Eca Kural, Scrintal CEO. “Whether it’s an agreement among founders or an employee contract, we just ‘Scrive it’ and voila!”.

Today, Scrive takes the next step in their partnership with SSE Business Lab as active supporters, ramping up their engagement and presence with early startups by providing them with quick-adoption e-signature solutions for remote teams and much more.

“Since Scrive graduated from the SSE Business Lab in 2011, we’ve been following their incredible startup journey”, says Julia Delin, CEO of SSE Business Lab. “Therefore, it’s great to be able to collaborate once again, a partnership going full circle. We’re very grateful for the support Scrive will provide to the startups in our programs and see this as an opportunity to even further strengthen the ecosystem in Sweden”.

About SSE Business Lab

SSE Business Lab is the Startup Incubator of Stockholm School of Economics, open to all current and former students as well as faculty of SSE, that have founded a business. We provide support through one of our three programs; Ideate, Activate and Incubate. SSE Business Lab offers coaching, mentorship, workshops and connections to a network of alumni and investors as well as first class partners, such as Manifest Stockholm, Assessio, Scrive, Stiftelsen Stockholms Grosshandelssocietet and Sigma Sweden Software.

About Scrive

A leader in digitalisation since 2010, Scrive’s cloud-based platform provides agreement lifecycle automation powered by electronic signature and identification solutions. More than 6000 customers in 40+ countries rely on Scrive to onboard and sign agreements with their customers, partners and employees, driving customer experience, security, compliance and data quality. Headquartered in Stockholm, Scrive is backed by Vitruvian Partners and has over 150 employees.

For more information:
Matilda Skagerberg, Marketing Coordinator, Scrive
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Isabella Melkersson, Head of Partnerships, SSE Business Lab
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