Scrive offers account checks in eSign service through Finshark partnership

Scrive has partnered with Finshark, Swedish provider of open banking solutions, to automate processes like payment authorisations, customer refunds and bank transfers.

The integration of Finshark’s data lookup service to Scrive’s electronic signature platform enables the instant fetching of bank account data. With automated account checks, there’s no need to manually look up this information. This data can auto populate digital forms which can then be e-signed. Combining web forms, e-signing and account checks within a seamless digital flow reduces manual data entry, improves data accuracy, drives higher conversion rates and greatly improves the end customer experience. 

“Working with a business like Scrive feels just like it must feel for any Swedish football player to play alongside stars like Martin Dahlin, Markus Rosenberg, or Henrik Larsson”, says Finshark COO Kristian Sternros. “They have managed to disrupt a very traditional space with legally-binding digital agreements. Just like we are disrupting a traditional space.”

“Partnering with Finshark marks an important expansion of our offering”, says Scrive CEO Viktor Wrede. “Adding account checks to our data look-up options drives the very kind of value Scrive is always striving for: improved customer experience, higher conversion rates, reduced administrative overheads and better data quality.”

 To find out about how to implement account checks in your services, contact Scrive sales.

About Finshark

Finshark is an open banking company unlocking payments and financial data products for all businesses. By removing friction from the legacy processes behind payments, checkouts and within the financial services industry, it powers the breeziest customer experiences in finance.