Scrive Onboarding Portal accelerates B2B sales and service

Scrive AB, agreements workflow solutions provider, announces the release of its Onboarding Portal, an automated solution for processing new invoice customers.

The Onboarding Portal reduces lead times and manual processes by integrating registry lookups and Scrive’s electronic signing service into a simple interactive workflow that performs company and credit checks, generates a digital contract, executes the e-signing approval workflow, and distributes and archives the completed contract.

“The Onboarding Portal makes it possible to activate new invoice customers in a small fraction of the time it takes to do manually”, says Scrive CEO Viktor Wrede. “The whole process happens with a bare minimum of mouse clicks and data entry, which means less work, fewer errors and almost no waiting time to get a new customer started.”

The solution is flexible and can be configured to perform other steps like KYC checks, secure identity verification and other kinds of registry lookups. The 100% digital process keeps the data stream intact, eliminating errors and making the data instantly available in the organisation’s core business systems.

“This solution,” Wrede continues, “gets to the heart of Scrive’s mission: improving businesses through customer experience and data quality.”


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