Scrive partners with Documaster

Documaster and Scrive are pleased to announce a new partnership that makes the signing of contracts more efficient and secure.

The integration of the Scrive electronic signature service into the Documaster contract management platform enables users to launch and manage e-signing processes directly from the Documaster interface.

The entire signing process begins and ends in Documaster, so there’s no chance of losing a contract. Once all parties have signed, the agreement is automatically stored back in Documaster. There’s no need for uploading, downloading, scanning or emailing to get a contract signed.

The Scrive service makes it possible to sign contracts on any connected device, wherever the signatory is, and contract administrators can monitor the progress of the signing process at a glance, eliminating manual follow-up tasks.

Documaster is for documentation you simply can’t lose. It is a tool to collect and organise your contracts and documentation in one place. Simple and scalable. It has never been easier to store and follow up on your contracts.

To protect contracts and the data they contain, the Scrive service offers ID verification as an integrated step in the signing experience. To make sure only authorised people can access and sign the contract, signatories can authenticate themselves with any of the many eIDs and authentication services Scrive supports, including Bank ID, MitID, Finnish Trust Network and Onfido.

To learn more about how to sign with Scrive from Documaster, contact Documaster sales.