Scrive partners with Doxee

Scrive is pleased to announce a new partnership with Doxee, a technology leader in the global CCM platform market. Doxee provides robust and innovative technologies enabling enterprises to manage customer experience processes through personalised communications leveraging multi-channel distribution.

Through this partnership, the Scrive eSign service is integrated into Doxee’s document experience (dx) and paperless experience (px) products. Doxee’s customers will be able to digitalise complex signature processes, seamlessly integrated with the tools and procedures they already use within their organisations.

“Thanks to Scrive’s solution integration the Doxee Platform® can now support customers in the operability required by business processes that also require signatures, so all steps are integrated into a single end-to-end digital workflow without interruptions and with significant time savings, all factors that positively affect the relationship and contact with end customers”, says Doxee CMO Enrico Celotto.

“We are thrilled about the partnership with Doxee and being able to offer the Scrive experience to the Italian market”, says Paula Palk, VP Channel at Scrive. “This integration will reduce costs, eliminate many administrative tasks and shorten lead times while providing a premium customer experience.”

To learn more about e-signing with Scrive through the Doxee Platform®, contact Doxee.