Scrive product update: October

With summer behind us, the Scrive product teams are ready to release a number of new useful and exciting features.

Once a document has been signed, we can deliver a “confirmation message” to the signatories. When email is used as the transport method, we have historically delivered the signed document as an attachment. Some customers have opted to integrate with Scrive’s API and have sent the confirmation message with just a link to the signed document, instead of attaching it. We have now added delivery of signed documents as a link to the document in Scrive to the main service. The link will be active for 30 days after signing, whereafter the link will expire. If the recipient already has an account of their own in Scrive, the link will remain active until the user deletes the document from their e-archive.

Authenticate to View Archived

Many times, a signed agreement contains information that should not be disclosed to other persons than the author and the signatories and additional means of limiting access to signed documents has been requested. Therefore, we are now adding the option to require signatories to authenticate before viewing a document they have signed and that is archived in Scrive.

We support the same options as for “Authenticate to View”, i.e. Swedish and Norwegian BankID, NemID, one-time-PIN via SMS and…


TUPAS is joining the family of identification methods in Scrive now that we finally integrate with the Finnish Trust Network. Bank coverage is not complete, but we are working with our supplier to improve this. TUPAS does not have built-in signing capabilities, but will also become an option for signing once we implement short-term certificates for this purpose later this year.

User Restrictions

In case your business needs dictate that you must always use electronic IDs or SMS PIN for signing, or if you wish to never use added value services, it is now possible to ask Scrive to disable features for you Scrive Online users and admins separately. You can switch on or off the use of templates, attachments, mass send-out, eIDs, SMS features, e-mail, in-person delivery and, last but not least: it is possible to turn off not using any authentication for viewing or signing documents.

The planned official release date for all the above features is October 8th. Please contact you sales or customer success representative if you want to know more about using these features.

One more thing…

You  may also have noticed that since a few weeks back, you can set retention policies (0-365 days) for your documents in the account section of Scrive Online. You can ask Scrive to set the same policies for your entire organisation as a minimum requirement. Users will then not be able to set longer retention than you wish times for any kind of document.