Scrive Release October 2017

This month:

  • Scrive in Polish and Czech
  • Text validation tool

Scrive in Polish and Czech

We are proud to announce that the entire Scrive eSign UI is now translated into Polish and Czech.

Textfield validations

This new tool in the Scrive document set-up interface lets you use regular expressions (regex) to validate data requested from your signing parties.

When adding a custom text field to your document, you can specify the data format you are expecting from the signing party (letters, numbers, etc.) and then set up a simple validation process to eliminate data entry errors.

Example: IBAN number

Let’s say you’re asking a customer for their bank account’s IBAN number. Here’s a short tutorial on how you can:

  • make sure only valid entries will be accepted before they can sign the document (with a regex)
  • tell the signing party how to enter it (with a tool tip)

We’ll use the following sample Swedish IBAN number: SE4550000000058398257466

It’s easy to find pre-built regular expressions for many common situations. A google search for “Swedish IBAN regex” finds this regex:

SE\d{2}[ ]\d{4}[ ]\d{4}[ ]\d{4}[ ]\d{4}[ ]\d{4}|SE\d{22}

In layman’s terms, this means the expected text input:

  • must start with “SE”
  • must be followed only by numbers
  • can include spaces, but no special characters

The validation for the sample IBAN would work as follows:

Valid: SE35 5000 0000 0549 1000 0003

Valid: SE3550000000054910000003

Fail: SE35-5000-0000-0549-1000-0003

Now let’s try it:

1 – Add a field

Start by placing a custom field in your document and naming it “IBAN”.

2 – Set regex

Click on the new field to display the menu, click More settings, then under Validation click Add to open the Field validation dialog.

Select Custom from the menu to add a regex.

Now copy/paste the regex into the Regex pattern field.

3 – Test regex

Before you can save the regex, you need to verify it by providing a valid input example. For this example, in the Provide a valid example to verify your regexfield, copy/paste the sample IBAN:


The field turns green to confirm that the regex will work for this situation.

Important: Regex is a very powerful tool, but it can cause big problems if not properly validated and tested first.

4 – Add a tool tip

In the Tooltip message field, enter a clear instruction about the required data format. For example:

“Please enter your Swedish IBAN number in the following format: SE4550000000012345678999”

5 – Save and send the document for signing

The new field is requesting the signing party for a valid IBAN to be able to continue and complete the signing process: