Scrive releases MS Office Add-in

Stockholm, 20 November 2020

The Scrive eSign add-in allows Microsoft Office users to launch and manage electronic signature workflows directly from Word and other Office apps.

The world’s billion-plus Office users can now e-sign legally-binding agreements with just a few clicks, right from Word. Scrive’s paperless agreement workflows eliminate manual tasks while enhancing customer experience and improving data quality.


“This is really a story about meeting our customers where they are so they don’t have to switch between systems for their agreements workflows”, says Patrick Söder, Scrive’s Product Owner and Head of Integrations. “A customer requested this functionality about two years ago, so we enabled it for them. Then a few more requested it, and soon the response was so positive and the demand so high that we quickly realised we needed to build a standard integration.”

Office users and their signing parties will save time and benefit from the convenience of signing documents anywhere, on any device. But just as importantly, Scrive’s legal and security safeguards mean the resulting signed document can stand up to any legal challenge. Scrive set the world standard for the quality of legal evidence collected during the signing process and saved with every document. And Scrive was the first e-sign vendor to use blockchain technology to digitally seal each document to protect it against tampering and forgery, now and for the future.

The add-in is supported in desktop, on-premise and online Office environments, as well as in iOS for iPad. Office users can also e-sign Excel sheets and PowerPoint presentations to facilitate, for example, internal approvals and sign-offs.

To get the Scrive add-in, visit our Microsoft AppSource listing. Or learn more about the MS Office Add-in.


About Scrive

A leader in digitalisation since 2010, Scrive’s cloud-based platform provides agreement lifecycle automation powered by electronic signatures and identification solutions. More than 3000 customers worldwide rely on Scrive to sign agreements with and identify their own customers and partners, driving security, compliance, data quality and customer experience. Scrive is headquartered in Stockholm and has over 100 employees.



Patrick Söder, Product Owner and Head of Integrations: [email protected]