Scrive Salesforce Update – Version 4.19

We have updated our Salesforce app with new functionality, and it is available to update from the Salesforce Appexchange to download and upgrade.

As always, we strongly recommend installing and testing the updated version in your Sandbox environment before upgrading your production instance.

Our administrator guide has also been updated to include these new changes and how to use them.

New in this release:

Restart Scrive documents from within Salesforce

A user can now restart a document directly from within Salesforce by clicking the “Restart” button on the Scrive Document page layout.

Restart is useful if, for example, the email address that was defined was incorrect. In those cases, the user can now withdraw the document with the incorrect email and then restart the process and update the email address without losing the rest of the document and signatory settings.

Additional Document statuses

You are now able to get the full history of a Scrive document within Salesforce.
As an admin, you can enable an hourly batch update (from the Scrive Configuration tab) all document events on the Scrive Document page layout.

Events include the following:

  • Email/SMS sent
  • Email/SMS delivered
  • Email opened
  • Document opened/viewed

Improved Debugging for Administrators

It is now possible to register an email address (under the Scrive Configuration settings) that will receive debug logs whenever an update of a business object fails.

Unfortunately, the promised feature of adding and removing users directly from within Salesforce is not part of this release. But we are expecting on shipping this in the next release that is planned for the end of January.

Until next time,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!