Scrive Update February 2018

This month:
  • Sign with Norwegian BankID
  • Faster E-archive
  • Hide Personal Number

Today’s release features new functionality in the areas of eID and the GDPR. Stay tuned for more ways Scrive can help you with your GDPR compliance as the May 25 deadline approaches.

Sign with Norwegian BankID

Today’s release expands on the use of Norwegian BankID. Now your signing parties can use their Norwegian BankID to:

  • authenticate themselves prior to signing (“authenticate to view” as before), AND
  • sign the document

Here’s how they both work:

Video Thumbnail
Faster E-archive

Speed optimisations for the E-archive have been in the works the past few months, and everyone should already be noticing significant improvements, especially when searching.

So far, our internal tests on very large archives are showing search speeds up to 20X faster! We’ll all see the full result of these improvements when we conclude this optimisation work in the next four weeks.

Hide Personal Number

Now you can redact the signing party’s Personal Number on the signed document, on both the verification page and in the evidence log. This feature, accessible from the API, was requested by a customer to address an important GDPR-related issue:

If the signing party authenticates themselves using Swedish BankID, either to view the document and/or sign it, their personal number will normally appear with the completed signed document.

According to the GDPR, the party sending out the document to sign may have a legitimate reason to keep this personal data on file (e.g., a contract). However, if they need to distribute the signed document to third parties, sharing the personal number may not be compliant with the GDPR.