Scrive Update – January 2017

“New year new me”, time for a new Scrive Update tomorrow Saturday 28th of January.

We have been working hard during Christmas and January to start the new year strong.

Here is what’s new:

– Even faster-signing experience

We put a lot of pride in having the best and smoothest signing experience on the market.
To stay on top, we are continuing our improvements in speed and efficiency.

Our fantastic engineers have reworked the signing and sealing at the end of each process, and the result is up to 4 (!!) times faster than before. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself below.

– SMS Previews in iOS are now awesome

SMS invitations sent to iOS 10 devices now display a preview of the document.
If the document workflow has “Authenticate to View” set, a generic “locked” preview is displayed instead.

– Touch ID when authenticating with Swedish BankID

A user can now use Touch ID on iOS devices when authenticating to view a document using Swedish BankID.

– Delete pages in a document

It is now possible to remove individual pages in a document or a template before sending the document.

This added flexibility becomes extra powerful when used through our API or Salesforce Application (will be added in next release).

For example, you might have a product with different add-on options in various appendixes.
Up until now when using “Scrive templates”, you needed to create a separate template for each combination of pages, which for obvious reasons grows exponentially.

Now all those pages can reside in the same “Scrive template”, and you can dynamically remove pages depending on what the customer buys.


Just set up one template and modify it depending on what you need.

And some smashed bugs:

2529: Wrong status for part

Fix a bug where the document signatory state was sometimes not correctly displayed when there was a delivery problem.

2536: BankID now opens automatically

Fixed a bug where Swedish BankID app would not open when trying to authenticate to view a document.

2550: Wrong email address in modal when email delivery fails

Fix a bug that caused the wrong email address to be displayed when changing the email address for a signatory after the document was sent.

90: Improved error modal in Sign View

Improved error messages in sign view to help users debug issues when using API V2.

Next upgrade is on the 11th of February