Scrive update March and April!

The past couple of months we have been working hard on improving our solution and getting more and more customers onboard.

Here is a summary of everything we have released since February.

We added support for three new languages

We welcome the Baltics (Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian) to Scrive. We now support 16 (!!) languages.

Split main file and attachments

You can now add attachments without merging them to the main document.
Before, if you had a 4-page document and a 70-page attachment (e.g. Terms and conditions) these two documents would be merged into one big file when the main file had been signed.
It is now possible to keep these files separated after the document has been signed.

To keep these two files connected without merging the document, we hash the attachment using SHA-256. Then we add the hash inside the evidence package (that is digitally sealed). Therefore, it is impossible to alter the attachment without breaking the hash.

Manually interrupt auto-scrolling

You can now manually interrupt auto-scrolling when signing a document.

Update previews of the signing page

We have updated the previews of the signing page in places like the emails and branding.

Drop support for IE8

We have dropped support for IE8 since Microsoft have stopped updating it with security fixes.

Show arrow on top of overlay if needed

If we need to display the arrow even if we have added an overlay (maybe you got lost?), the arrow will lead the way even in the overlay darkness.

“Select next party” in its own section

We added Select next party in its own section.

Semi-native selects

We have now implemented semi-native selects so using pick list are much easier.