Scrive Update November 2017

This month:

  • API Console
  • Update email address for sent invitations

API Console

Integrating with Scrive just got even easier.

Today we are proud to announce the release of the Scrive API Console!

So what’s the fuss about?

Now you can inspect the calls you make against the Scrive API. Get all the details in a single view, including:

  • all API calls made to that account
  • HTTP Status of each call
  • GET and POST parameters of each call
  • response body

Together with our API explorer you now have a complete toolset for a smooth and quick integration.

Where do I find it?

The Scrive API Console is only available on our development server API-testbed. From your Account area, go to Integration settings and select API Requests:

Just click on a call in the list to display the details page:

Update email

Did you mistakenly invite someone to sign a document at their personal email address when you meant to send it to their company address?

No problem!

Now you can do what so many Scrive customers have been requesting: update the email address of your signing party even after sending out the signing invitation.

Forget about cancelling the entire signing process just to update the address of one signing party. And no need to worry about inconveniencing the other parties who have already received their invitation and maybe even signed by now.

Let’s see how it works

1 – From your Scrive eSign E-archive, open the document that needs an email update.

2 – Click Change email for the party with the incorrect address.

3 – Update the email address.
4 – Click OK.

What happens next?

  • A new signing invitation goes out with a new link to access and sign the document, but only to the updated party.
  • The link in the first invitation to that party is no longer valid. Invitations sent to other parties remain valid.
  • A full audit trail of these changes shows up in the evidence package that’s saved with the signed document.

What about SMS invitations?

This feature also works when using SMS as your invitation method. Just update the mobile number.