Scrive & Zapfloor collaborate to offer a better solution for both tenants and landlords

Flexible offices and co-working spaces are a growing market, especially in light of the recent increase in remote work. Businesses are looking to avoid spending money on real estate they won’t need while simultaneously looking to meet the ever-changing needs of their employees.

Companies are looking for everything from a desk or a meeting room for a day to entire floors rented on a short-term basis, which has led to a disruption in the commercial real estate market.

Paving the way to a more flexible future

Zapfloor is leading the way to make flex office rentals a smoother, simpler process, as well as helping corporate customers manage room bookings in a streamlined way. Their platform’s ease of use and quality of customer experience is heightened by a collaboration with Scrive for the fast and streamlined signing of agreements.

With Zapfloor providing their customers different ways to rent office spaces, offering access to meeting rooms, hotdesks or workstations on a flexible basis, to the benefit of both tenants and landlords, there are a lot of agreements that need to be signed, often on short notice. This is where Scrive comes in.

Faster agreements in a digital world

Creating rental contracts that are easily shared and signed at a distance has been a boon to Zapfloor’s business as well as, of course, their customers. The sales cycle is simpler and so is the experience of booking space in any of the numerous offices Zapfloor’s customers manage.

Zapfloor started looking into e-signature solutions for a simple reason: almost every customer they had was asking for it. They saw a clear need in the market and started researching what the best solution for them could be.

“The possibilities of Scrive are really extensive. Comparing it with competitors, it was clear that Scrive was the complete package.” Wouter Schoofs, Founder & CTO, Zapfloor

The results speak for themselves

Since implementing Scrive, Zapfloor has had excellent results and feedback, from everyone involved. Customers are happy about shorter sales cycles and simpler document management, and their customers, in turn, get a superior experience that keeps them coming back to Zapfloor.

If you’d like to see what Scrive could do to help you provide a superior experience for your customers, reach out today or test our 30-day free trial.