Sympa partners with Scrive to pioneer fully paperless HR

Scrive is proud to welcome our new partner Sympa, the fastest growing HR solution provider in the Nordics.

By integrating Scrive eSign into their platform, Sympa now enables companies of all sizes to operate paper-free HR processes, approve documents in minutes instead of hours, improve HR data handling accuracy and remove the need to handle vast archives of documentation.

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“We’re both truly digitalising HR and providing a premium experience to the user,” says Sympa CEO Keijo Karjalainen. “eSignatures remove the last obstacle to fast, smooth, digital HR: the time-consuming need to constantly send papers and files to different people so they can be processed.

“In an age where your next employee may be in Bangalore or Bogotá, eSignatures dramatically speed up the process of getting a new hire in place. Also, today’s workforce of digi-natives is increasingly comfortable with fully digital solutions.”

“We are excited about having a partner like Sympa,” says Scrive CEO Viktor Wrede. “Sympa’s vision of offering fully-digitalised HR processes conveniently, efficiently and securely aligns perfectly with Scrive’s mission. Customers doing business in Northern Europe can rely on Scrive’s robust data privacy protections and suite of eIDs for the Nordics, Benelux and Germany.”  

Founded in 2005 in Finland, family-owned Sympa helps organisations nurture the development of their employees, operate more efficiently, and make smarter strategic decisions through its range of fully digital HR solutions. With one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in HR technology in Europe, Sympa is also the fastest growing HR solution provider in the Nordics. Currently, more than 600 organisations around the world use Sympa HR to power their HR operations.

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