The changing face of banking and finance

Innovative digital technologies are transforming the banking and finance landscape, enabling scenarios like:

  • on-the-spot small business loans: offered based on real-time performance, signed right from a phone
  • unprecedented convenience for private investors who want to buy, sell and even open new accounts on the go
  • car financing like never before: 100% digital buying experience and fast payouts to dealers

Offering a first-rate customer experience at an affordable cost means it’s crucial for banks and finance companies to leverage the advantages of digitalisation—improved efficiency, data accuracy, automation, security, and compliance—across the entire enterprise, not just at customer touchpoints.

But where to begin?

Some of the digital tools that are changing the face of banking—like eID and electronic signatures—are notable for their impact on the customer experience, eliminating the need for paper as well as in-store transactions. Sustainable digital transformation, however, depends on the understanding that a better customer experience goes hand in hand with improved back-office operations.