Modernising the car purchase experience

Closing the deal with a digital financing agreement opens up a world of value. A win-win-win: for customer, dealer and financer.

Start the customer journey the right way

Buying a new car is an emotional experience: that moment when you’re taking in the smell, the feel, the atmosphere of the car you’ve decided to buy.

So why spoil the moment with an analog experience of paper signing and waiting times, not to mention the risk of errors and delays?

Start the customer journey the right way: smooth, simple and digital.

Secure digital flow

Identify and sign electronically

Digital financing agreements: e-sign with Scrive, verify identity with iDIN.

Customer satisfaction

Buy on-site or online. No paper, no waiting. Drive away in your new car without delay.

Faster payouts

Faster approvals means faster dealer payouts and better revenue assurance.

Data quality

Keeping your data flows intact puts an end to errors, costly delays and customer frustration.

100% digital process

Paperless and secure. Drive operational efficiency, compliance and cost savings.

One integrated solution to digitalise every scenario

Deliver the same excellent customer experience onsite, offsite or online. Benefit from the same secure, compliant, error-free digital process, in-person or remote. Start the customer journey on the spot by extracting agreement data and making it immediately available to your service, marketing and other channels.

Den Norske Bank (DNB) success story

Contract errors

Down from 12%. Previously, contract errors meant the entire process had to be repeated

Payout time

To car dealers, down from 5 days, sometimes weeks, prior to rollout of DealerPad eSign


Sales cycles shortened by 70%

Case study


“I thought: this can’t be right. If we could send a man to the moon over 40 years ago, we must ask ourselves, why can’t we send a contract in a digital way today?”

Stefan Davidsson
Country Manager, DNB Finans Sweden



The Scrive/iDIN solution is integrated with Salesforce and Onbase, with more integrations coming soon.

Secure, compliant, legal

Scrive is a Trust Service Provider under the EU’s eIDAS legislation, providing all levels of erecognised under the regulation. Documents e-signed with Scrive conform to global contract law and can be used as evidence in court proceedings.

Scrive is also fully compliant with GDPR. Furthermore, our solutions facilitate your own compliance, in particular through measures which meet the principles of data protection by design and by default.


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