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We’ve spent over a decade helping car rental companies transform their business processes. First by going paperless, enabling electronic signatures and identity verification but what if we could go from shortening queues to skipping them altogether?

Working with some of the biggest names in the rental industry, we’re taking the next step in this digitalisation journey. This includes keyless or contactless experiences where customers can quickly and securely get behind the wheel of their rental car without waiting, going through the necessary verification on their own mobile device. 

This is simply scratching the surface as we’re seeing the industry evolve in increasingly interesting directions, including the convergence of rental and ownership in the form of leasing and “car-as-a-service” models. Whatever the future may hold, one thing is certain:

The way forward is digital.

How Scrive helped Volkswagen

Reduction in administration time

With all documents digitalised, administration was centralised and simplified.

Agreements signed annually

Since setting up Scrive’s solution, Volkswagen has rolled it out to almost all of their resellers across Sweden.

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