B2B onboarding:
Simple, secure, digital

The Scrive Onboarding Portal automates the activation of new invoice customers. One digital flow generates and executes the agreement on the spot: company check, credit check, authorised signing party check and electronic signing.

Activate new customers
on the spot

An automated process builds the digital agreement in real time and delivers the signed contract with minimal touch for you and your customers. Eliminate the paper, countless manual steps and long lead times to activate a new invoice customer. Read about how Din Bil Sverige did it.

Automating B2B

Onboarding Portal

Activate new invoice customers faster, with less hassle for everyone. ONE simple process to:

  • Generate the contract
  • Check credit limit
  • Verify authorised signers
  • Launch esign approval workflow
  • Distribute and archive signed contract
Onboard faster

Shorten onboarding times from days or weeks to just 30 minutes. E-sign remotely, on any device.


Eliminate all the manual steps and lead times for both you and your customers.

Data quality

Keep your data stream intact, secure and error-free. Extract contract data to your core systems.


Store all documents digitally and securely. Eliminate costly manual errors and delays.

Din Bil case:
Automotive service for company car

When a customer brings a company car in to Din Bil for maintenance, they want to invoice the work to their employer. With the Scrive Onboarding Portal, Din Bil can activate a new invoice customer in just 30 minutes. Previously, with paper and manual processes, the shortest lead time was one full working day, typically days or even weeks.

Credit check

Enter company number and request credit limit

Authorised signer

Select signing party and confirm invoice address


Generate agreement and launch automated signing flow

Secure, compliant, legal

Scrive is a Trust Service Provider under the EU’s eIDAS legislation, providing all levels of electronic signatures recognised under the regulation. Documents e-signed with Scrive conform to global contract law and can be used as evidence in court proceedings.

Scrive is also fully compliant with GDPR. Furthermore, our solutions facilitate your own compliance, in particular through measures which meet the principles of data protection by design and by default.


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