Sign documents online with Scrive

Signing documents online is not just practical. It’s also a reliable, efficient and secure way to modernise your business. 

With Scrive you can send and sign documents online with just a few clicks. Start your free trial now and discover the possibilities of a digital document workflow.

How to send and sign documents online

No need to print, sign and scan. With Scrive, signing a document online is a seamless, straightforward process.

How to send a digital document for signature

  1. Sign up for the free trial 
  2. Upload your document to the online portal
  3. Add the email address or mobile number of the signing parties
  4. Click Start signing

Your document is on its way to the signing parties you specified. The Scrive workflow engine manages everything. Through the portal, you can follow the status of the document and keep track of when it’s delivered, opened, signed and sealed with a digital signature. 

How to sign a document online

If you are added as a signing party in the Scrive portal, you will receive a link to sign the document. Here’s how to add your electronic signature:

  1. Follow the link you received by e-mail or SMS
  2. Review the document
  3. Click Next to go to the signing page
  4. Sign the document by clicking the Sign button 

Once you’ve added your electronic signature, our system will seal the document with a digital signature, making it verifiable and tamper proof.

What kind of documents are eligible
for an online signature?

Legally speaking, an electronic signature is just as valid as a physical signature on a paper document. In short, any kind of document you would draw up on paper is equally valid in a digital format. 

This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Sales contracts
  • Bank authorisations
  • Employment contracts
  • Rental and lease agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Loan documents
  • Medical consent forms

With Scrive, simply upload your document and send it to the parties who need to sign it, one or many. Eliminate document preparation time by saving your frequently-used agreements as templates.

Are online signatures safe?

Digitally signing a document is just as legally-binding as signing your name in ink on paper. In some ways even more so, depending on your e-sign vendor. 

When you e-sign a document with Scrive, the signature is in accordance with global contract law, and the world-class legal evidence securely attached to each document can be used in court proceedings if the legality of your agreement is ever challenged.

Scrive’s secure solutions meet the relevant requirements under electronic signature, data protection and AML regulations. Digital sealing using blockchain technology secures the integrity of your signed documents to protect against and detect forgery, now and for the future.

Desktop, tablet, mobile -
Sign documents online on any device

Scrive eSign is an omnichannel solution. You can send, view, sign and manage documents on any device. It’s just as accessible at your desk on your Mac or PC as in a conference room through your tablet or on the bus with your phone. 

Our portal can be accessed through any web browser, making it just as usable on last year’s iOS as on next year’s Android. Being able to reach your signing parties wherever they are means getting your signed documents returned quickly. No more misplaced documents, no delays.

Sign PDFs online, or in other formats from your favorite workspace

Upload any PDF to the Scrive portal and start signing. Drag and drop text fields and checkboxes to easily collect information from your signers.

Or sign directly from the applications where you work every day. Sign Word documents online, or send for signing from Google Docs, Chrome, Edge and others. Explore our ready-to-use integrations to your favorite CRM, HR/recruiting system, legal and agreements management platform and more.



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