eID identity verification

Secure online authentication is crucial for you and your customers in preventing fraud and driving regulatory compliance. Integrating electronic identification (eID) identity verification in your services keeps everyone safer in a digital environment while offering a seamless customer experience. Scrive makes that easy.

Know Your Customer

From anti-money laundering legislation to the rise of online fraud schemes, it’s more important than ever to know exactly who is using your services. That’s why digital Know Your Customer (KYC) checks and eID identity verification processes are becoming the norm in heavily regulated industries like banking and telecom. The trick is how to implement and manage these processes efficiently while remaining attractive to your customers in a competitive market.

Customer experience

Customer loyalty is hard to come by. Today’s customers expect the same convenience from their financial institutions that they take for granted when doing business with online merchants. eID identity verification spares you and your customers the trouble of needing to perform in-person ID checks and other manual processes.

Offering digital signing
in your services

The Scrive eID Hub makes it easy to integrate eID identity checks and authentication into your services. Through a single API, you get access to Scrive’s growing suite of eID offerings, with full coverage in the Nordics and a growing presence in Europe, including the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Scrive’s wealth of legal and technical expertise and experience keeps you up to date and compliant in the fast-changing landscape of eID identity services.

Facilitating digital commerce

The eIDAS regulation defines a new era for eID identity services by standardising their use in the EU. In support of the European Commission’s Digital Single Market (DSM) initiative, eIDAS aims to facilitate the smooth flow of commerce in the EU through harmonisation of law, transparency, security, technical neutrality, cooperation and interoperability. Read more in the Scrive Trust Center.


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