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Digital solutions for real estate professionals.

Quick, simple and secure automation for property management. Scrive simplifies your agreement workflow.

Why do 12 of Sweden’s top 15
real estate companies use Scrive?

Save time

Reduce your admin time by more than 50%

Generate more revenue quickly

Automate and shorten your sales cycle.

Secure and tamper proof

Our solutions are built for compliance and security.

How does eSign work?

Have a look at this video to learn more about eSign Online. Want to know more? Contact us

Why e-sign?

E-sign all types of agreements and protocols directly from the admin portal for 100% paperless operations. Easily manage your documents to ensure compliance with policies and legal requirements. Integrated identity verification protects privacy and security.

Remote agreements

E-sign on any device, wherever you are, and never miss a deal.

Eliminate manual steps

Automate complex signing processes with built-in business logic.

Secure and compliant

Legally-binding signatures, protected by blockchain technology.

ID verification

Integrated eID checks to authenticate parties to view and sign.

Streamline compliance

Know Your Customer/Know Your Business

Automating your KYC and KYB processes with Scrive vastly reduces your compliance admin and improves customer experience.

Direct debit forms

Automate you customer initiated document processes with reliable data

Instant checks

For beneficial owners, PEP, required signatories and more

Customer experience

Minimise data entry during onboarding

Reduce errors and admin

Auto-populate and sign agreements

Watch automated KYC/KYB in action


Kalmarhem's results

Reduced administration
Handling time

“Handling time for administering a lease has been reduced from between 4.5 and 5 minutes to less than a minute. In the same way, we have seen in our evaluations that the end-to-end lead times from sending to signed and archived lease dropped from 5-6 working days for the traditional postal method to 1.5 calendar days.”

Fredrik Malmström Business Development at Kalmarhem



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