Why Scrive?

E-signatures offer cost savings and increased efficiency, making them a smart choice for any company looking to streamline their document processes. Here are some things we can help you with through our e-signature and identification service:

✓ Various types of contract processes
✓ Internal efficiency
✓ Identify your signing parties

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How does eSign work?

Have a look at this video to learn the basics of e-Signing with Scrive. By using Scrive you can:

✓ Get a better customer experience
✓ Save time, money and paper
✓ Increase efficiency

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Scrive handles different types of contracts

Sales contracts, HR contracts, service contracts, rental contracts and supplier contracts are just some of the many ways a company can use Scrive.

When different departments or roles start using e-signature or when Scrive starts being used for different types of contract processes, your company can benefit from streamlining your processes and driving better customer experiences.

How do I know which price plan to choose?

It depends on your needs. The most requested features are creating branded profiles, working with templates and signing contracts with BankID. See our most used features in the list below. To see the complete list, visit our pricing page.

Our Essential plan offers the basic functionality for e-signing agreements without eID/BankID authentication,
Our Business plan is for companies with higher configuration requirements, including branding and integrations and with the option to buy eID/BankID.



Per month and user

Signing reminders
Set an automatic reminder for your signatories
Blockchain integrity
Proof the document has not been altered in any way.
More than one signatory
Add as many signatories, approvers and viewers as you need.
Audit trail in document
Evidence package documents each step of the signing process
Unlimited documents
Unlimited documents included in all plans



30 days

View and sign with eID, such as BankID, MitID, Onfido, Swisscom and more*
Additional fees apply for using BankID
Custom Branding
Brand your Scrive service with your logo and colors. Visible to all users and signatories in all channels.
User can start a process from a template. Templates are customisable and shareable.
Microsoft Office add-on
Create and send a document for signing directly from Microsoft Word
Pin by SMS authentication
Securely identify your signatories to access and sign your document
Sms invitation and confirmation
Send invite to sign your document and confirmation of signed document via SMS. $Additional fees apply.

How do I get started?

Select price plan

Select price plan and fill out the form for Business plan or Essential plan

Recieve agreement

We will send you an agreement plan to sign.

What happens next

Once the agreement is signed, we’ll get back to you by email when your account is activated and share useful info such as a getting started guide and contact details for support


What does it cost to add BankID?



Set-up Fee

 Monthly price

BankID(SE) €275 €25
BankID(NO) €150 N/A
Danish eID(NemID and/or MitID) €125 N/A
Smart-ID €150 N/A
iDIN €150 N/A
Freja eID €150 N/A
Finnish Trust Network(FTN) €300 N/A
Itsme Quote N/A
Qualified Electronic Signature(QES) Quote N/A

What are the differences between the Essentials and Business plans?

Essentials provides all the basic functionality for signing documents electronically.

Business provides the full functionality of the eSign Online platform, including more efficiency and automation with templates and integrations to the business tools you use every day. The Business plan also gives you the option to buy eID services to authenticate your signatories.

What are the different ways of signing?

Scrive offers all three levels of eSign according to eIDAS – Simple/basic sign, Advanced electronic signature (AES) and Qualified Electronic signature. The Simple/basic sign is offered in Essentials and Business and with the Business plan you can add eIDs such as Swedish BankID for an additional fee to reach higher levels.

What is the contract period?

24 months

What is your notice period

3 months prior to the expiration of the current minimum term. Unless terminated as per the above, the Agreement shall after the expiration of the Minimum Term, remain valid for additional periods of 12 months at a
time, until terminated by either Party by written notice provided no less than three (3)
months prior to the expiration of the current 12-month period.

How does your invoicing work?

We bill annually in advance besides transactional costs such as sms and eID transactions which are invoiced ongoing throughout the year.

What other costs are involved?

Transactional costs may apply if you use SMS for invitation and confirmation (0,10 EUR per SMS) or eID such as Swedish BankID.

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