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Removing uncertainty, shortening sales cycles and going green


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Speeding up sales cycles and obtaining actionable insights

Academic Work helps students and young professionals across Europe find work, both consulting and direct employment, with their client companies. 

When asked about the biggest benefit of using Scrive, Helmut Maier, Head of Sales, said the most obvious one was speeding up the process of getting contracts back signed, but really, that was just the tip of the iceberg. 

Implementing these solutions has opened up a world of business intelligence for Academic Work, previously locked away in a “black box” of sorts, but now accessible for them to analyse and utilise across their organisation.

With this newfound insight into their sales processes they’re able to more effectively analyse, troubleshoot and streamline their entire sales process.

As a consulting business working within recruitment, Academic Work has two rather distinct parts of their business. On the one hand, they work with candidates looking for jobs and on the other, they work with businesses searching for their next new hire.

Going green
Going green

More and more, businesses are looking to not only be sustainable themselves, but work with sustainable vendors.

Improved insight into the sales process
Improved insight into the sales process

Before, Academic Work experienced their sales cycle as a black box, with minimal insight into what happened between first contact and closing a deal, whether won or lost. Now they have visibility of every step in the contract’s lifecycle and are therefore able to take actions as needed to improve this process.

Faster processes
Faster processes

Even though there are still customers asking for printed copies of contracts, the ability to get the signing process done quickly, means faster onboarding and a superior customer experience.


Whereas before contracts could be sent out and forgotten, or at least not followed up on, today there’s a clear process in place to remind signing parties of outstanding actions.

Even though some of their clients still request paper contracts for their records, Helmut says Academic Work has been able to speed up these agreements by offering an electronic signature to get the ball rolling before sending a physical copy. They are seeing a significant shift in this, however, with more people being excited to take a more environmentally friendly stance by going paperless.


“Businesses are, more and more, looking into how their suppliers are treating the environment, so implementing Scrive really brought that benefit to our offer as well.”

Helmut Maier Helmut Maier, Head of Sales at Academic Work

Actionable insights and shorter sales cycles

There were no big challenges in rolling out the solution, with the internal sales team picking it up quickly and client feedback being overwhelmingly positive. For this reason Academic Work is keen to implement e-signatures into their employment agreements once it becomes legal in Germany as well as integrating Scrive’s solution into their own internal CRM, which is currently in development. 

If you’re looking to make your sales process more efficient, quicker and more environmentally friendly, why not try Scrive yourself today with our free trial?

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