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Bang & Beenfeldt

Established in 1974, Bang & Beenfeldt is an engineering firm with more than 45 years of experience in construction engineering consultancy across all phases of construction – from initial planning and budgeting through to design and construction management, supervision, and handover.



Professionalism and service over growth

For their 50 years as a business, Bang & Beenfeldt have focused on professionalism and service delivery over growth. Despite growth not being the main objective, it has definitely been a byproduct of their stellar work ethic. Due to their dedication to quality and building trusted relationships, the business has doubled in size within 18 months! On the back of this rapid growth, Bang & Beenfeldt quickly realised they needed to build systems that supported their multidisciplinary approach at scale while maintaining the world class customer experience people have come to expect from them.

An important aspect they wanted to focus on was making sure that the process was smoother and more “professional” without making it more difficult for their staff or more bureaucratic for their customers.

“That’s why we’re successful in what we do, we dare to run the business in a different way.” Jeppe Blohm Nielsen, CEO at Bang & Beenfeldt.

Digitising processes in a very old-fashioned industry.

Although Bang & Beenfeldt run their business in a different way according to Jeppe, they still need to ensure business continuity and efficiency like any other business. As such, whatever system they’d implement needed to fit their needs as well as delivering impeccable results while facing the challenging mission of digitising a wide range of different processes in a very old-fashioned industry.


Bang & Beenfeldt’s digitisation project

The first step in Bang & Beenfeldt’s digitisation project was recognising which processes were inefficient and most in need of an overhaul. A big factor here was the recruitment process as well as contract management from a customer facing perspective. Saving on printing, sending and scanning documents as well as significantly cutting wait times to get signed contracts back is a huge benefit on both fronts. Ensuring that communication during the onboarding of either a new employee or customer is smooth and effortless has a big positive impact on everyone involved and means you start this new relationship off on the right foot.

“The industry is a bit old fashioned. We are one of the most digitised and we have to be if we want to be relevant in 10 years. We hope it can influence someone else in the industry. “

Jeppe Blohm Nielsen CEO at Bang & Beenfeldts
Simple to monitor

Smoother process

Knowing exactly who has seen and signed a document makes it easier to know who to chase and when. This creates a much smoother process where each step of the way is clear and efficient. While a project may have multiple stakeholders and teams, having documents managed and accessible in a single place makes it simple to monitor each part in as much, or little, detail as you need to.

Why Bang & Beenfeldt choose Scrive

Combination of technology and personal touch

The main things that made Bang & Beenfeldt choose Scrive were the consultative approach of the sales rep responsible for them as well as the intuitive nature of the interface. On top of this, what stood out was how clearly Scrive was preparing for future developments in the industry, such as the roll-out of MitID in Denmark. In other words, the combination of the quality of the technology and the personal touch was what really sealed the deal.

“Because of the type of company we are, all our sales are based on personal relationships with people in the industry so for us the personal selling makes the most sense. “ says Jeppe Blohm Nielsen, CEO Bang & Beenfledt.

What’s next:

It’s still early days in Bang & Beenfeldt’s journey with Scrive but the near future holds plans to bring everyone across the business onto the platform as well as setting standards & templates for every type of document they need.

The future is bright for businesses digitalising their processes in order to achieve long term relevance and business continuity, so why not reach out to Scrive to see how we could help?


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