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Digitalising the point of sale enabled Carglass® to go paperless and offer superior customer service


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Reduce environment impact, improve customer experience and bottom line

With a goal of becoming more eco-friendly by using less paper, as well as automating processes for a better customer experience, Carglass® needed a partner for their digital journey.

Carglass® had always printed paper receipts for their customers, and considering they completed a job every three seconds on average, that really adds up. In view of the environmental impact, Carglass® knew they had to look into an alternative.

First they did some market research, asking their customers how they felt about paper receipts, and it quickly became clear that most customers already saw it as a hassle more than anything else. This trend was consistent across the country; users on Carglass® forums had even begun discussing it. The time had come to make a change.

The challenge with going paperless was that the customer needs to sign damage reports  to pre-approve repair work, as well as claims forms. Furthermore, the technicians need to sign work forms upon completion of each stage of the work

Carglass® therefore needed a vendor who could not only provide an electronic signature for each of these documents but also integrate these steps into a seamless end-to-end digital workflow, eliminating all need for printers.

Carglass® started looking for vendors who could deliver what they needed: a solution with an intuitive user interface for their mechanics and service center managers, quick information processing so it didn’t slow down operations, and the vendor itself had to be easy to work with.

Of the vendors they considered, Scrive was the only one to tick all of these boxes. After seeing how responsive the support team was during their free trial, Carglass® decided to move forward with Scrive.

But before closing the deal, Carglass® needed to make sure the solution covered everything it needed to:

  • Providing an audit trail that worked seamlessly with Carglass®’ accounting processes
  • Being compliant with local legislation, like the Accounting Act, as well as EU-wide regulations such as GDPR
  • Fit the needs of all its service centers, regardless of size and location

To test out Scrive as a “one size fits all” solution, Carglass® ran a pilot, selecting a mix of small and large sites, both rural and urban.

The pilot provided Carglass® the opportunity to further refine their requirements, including seeing how to customise the UI of the Scrive signing service to fit the needs of the business. It also showcased the wealth of improvements Carglass® could make to their processes across the business. This meant more efficiency while simultaneously reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

The success of this process resulted in many internal champions at the pilot locations, who were outspoken in their support to roll out Scrive’s solution across the entire network.

Paperless operations
Paperless operations

With a work order completed every 3 seconds, Carglass® was printing a lot of paper receipts. Scrive enabled them to go paperless across the country.

Improved customer experience
Improved customer experience

Customer feedback clearly indicated a preference for the convenience and lower environmental impact of paperless receipts.

Unified process
Unified process

With 57 service locations, Carglass® needed a single process across the whole business.


eSign GO: plug-and-play digitalisation

To enable paperless receipts, the Scrive solution digitalised the entire service process, both customer facing and internal operations.

With all the boxes ticked, it was time to close the deal and roll out the solution.

Rolling out Scrive eSign GO across Carglass®’ 57 locations took only 2 weeks, at which point they were able to get rid of all physical printers, saving on maintenance, supplies and the printer contracts. They immediately started reaping the environmental benefits of being completely paper-free, as well as the business benefits. Now customers can sign digitally and receive receipts as PDFs rather than the paper copies they saw as wasteful and unnecessary.

What started out as a focus on the environmental impact on the business turned into an overall digitalisation project, making a lasting impact on the way Carglass® runs their business.

How it works:

  • eSign GO digitalised not only the customer receipts but the damage reports (customer signature) and work orders (technician sign-off).
  • eSign GO is system-agnostic solution offering plug-and-play compatibility with any legacy system.
  • eSign GO has almost no learning curve, one of Carglass®’ main requirements. If you know how to print, you know how to use eSign GO: that’s how user friendly it is!
  • Implementing eSign GO is a simple matter of installing a printer driver at each point of sale: 100% digitalisation, 0% integration. Carglass® was able to skip the time and expense of an integration project.
  • The interface is customisable to ensure Carglass® can keep a consistent brand experience from beginning to end.
  • Carglass® also uses eSign GO to automate HR and recruitment processes, such as giving a better candidate experience.


Transactions per day

Carglass® completes an average of one work order every 3 seconds.

2 Weeks
Rollout to 57 locations

To replace their printers and old processes, the rollout had to be quick and smooth.

“Being the first company in our vertical to implement e-signing in our operations positions us as a thought leader in the industry, which we perceive as a key competitive advantage.”

CFO, Carglass®

A quick and easy rollout with big results!

Carglass® was able to eliminate all physical printers, saving on maintenance and resources while becoming more eco-friendly in the process.

The business saw higher efficiency in customer checkout, increased anti-fraud security as well as a noticeable boost in the NPS (Net Promoter Score) as a result of the implementation.

The roll-out was quick and smooth, with immediate feedback being overwhelmingly positive from both service center managers and customers alike.


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